No matter what industry or sector you’re part of, the one constant factor is that the management of your reputation will measurably enhance your success.

At fifteenminutes, we understand reputation.

We understand the many and varied factors that influence this - both positively and negatively. Our experience can fast-track your understanding.

If you are in the sports sector, whether a player or athlete, or a sporting body looking to protect and enhance its most valuable assets, our experience can help you to avoid the pitfalls and maximise the opportunities. From exceptional emerging young talent through to our most experiencedelite,  the ever changing expectations from a news hungry world provide an added hurdle to overcome and manage well. See how we can provide support and plans to make the most of this often short-lived opportunity.



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“ We never forget you have a choice” - one of the best corporate slogans. Ever.

Why do customers make choices and why, with all things being equal between you and a competitor, do they choose you? What have they heard that makes them want to engage with, purchase from or simply trust you? fifteenminutes understands the choices your valued customers and stakeholders can and do make and how you can seek to influence them.

fifteenminutes has a flexible approach to working with its clients. Have a look at some of the services we can provide to help you achieve success.

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…making the most of yours

“ the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes”

  - Andy Warhol’s prolific quote that has come true within a generation.

Social media, in particular, gives the potential for international fame and attention -
at your fingertips.

Hard won success can be easily lost through bad judgement and poor management
of your most valuable asset - your reputation.

Every company, organisation and individual should understand both the threats and opportunities this can bring and have effective strategies in place to make the most
of their fifteenminutes.


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