One of the major risks facing business today is reputation damage. The advent of social media in recent years has given all customers a voice and a platform to be heard from. This can be great when it's favourable but can cause immediate damage when it's not. Managing your reputation is far more cost-effective than trying to salvage a damaged reputation. By having a strategy that builds up support amongst your stakeholders, you are creating goodwill for the future, should you need to draw upon it. There is now little time to effectively contain a crisis when it hits, so the skill is to be aware of what is being said about your organisation and to act quickly to head off potential issues before they pose a threat to your business.



…making the most of yours

Policies and good practices are starting points but the most effective way to create a strong corporate reputation is to have support and a clear understanding of the huge responsibility of developing and maintaining a good reputation from your strongest asset - your employees.

How do the actions of your employees reflect on your business? In an increasingly blurred world where home and work overlap, every employee’s actions can impact on a business. With easily accessible social media channels, this impact can be immediate, international and irretrievable.




We all have the power to use reputation well but few of us understand its true value and what it can mean to increased business success.

fifteenminutes will work with your business to ensure you have effective measures in place to manage your reputation and ensure this is understood in a relevant and practicable way by your people. By looking at case studies of companies who have got it right (and wrong) we can share the learning and harness best practice amongst your teams.

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