You’ve worked hard and achieved success. How do you protect what reputation you’ve built and, more importantly, how do you develop it further for greater success in the future? Why do some sportspeople seem to manage their ‘brand’ better than others? How do they get on the radar of future employers both nationally and internationally? Why do they attract more attention from commercial partners? Why do they continue their career in sport long after the glory days are gone. How you manage your profile and reputation can make a world of difference.



…making the most of yours

Building a strong and sustainable reputation can ensure an often short-lived sporting career can continue successfully, with financial security, far beyond what is usually expected.

We offer an essential addition to your current support network.

You may have advisors for coaching, medical, commercial etc but reputation management and effective communication are skills for life that benefit everything you do.

fifteenminutes works with teams and individuals who are already at the top of their game and want to make the most of their most valuable long-term asset - their reputation - now and in the future.



We help elite athletes develop their authentic reputation - the R Factor -  through a detailed plan and understanding of how they are seen through ever changing media channels, including both social ( twitter, instagram, facebook etc) and traditional ( radio, tv and newspaper) as well as relationships with key partners including fans, commercial partners and future employers.

There’s average and there's successful.

Have you got the R Factor?

fifteenminutes works with elite athletes through the High Performance Sport New Zealand Athlete Friedly Network. For more information visit :

T:+64 21 725 779

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